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05-12-2023 WB/IIBC Junior Indoor Championships 2023

Day 2 Report

Once again the day opened with the Mixed Pairs groups being split over the first two sessions, surprisingly only one team is guaranteed a quarter final place. Emily Kernick and Harry Goodwin (England) were one of the teams to played two matches today and booked their quarter final ticket despite losing their second game to Rebecca Rixon (Malta) & Joh-Pierre Fouche (Namibia) 13 – 1, 6 – 7, 0 – 1. In their first game they defeated Aleena Binti Ahmad Nawawi & Mohammad Idham Amin Bin Ramlan (Malaysia) 4 – 4, 10 – 8. Second place in the group is still available for all the remaining teams.

Mixed Pairs Group A Standing: –

Emily Kernick & Harry Goodwin (England)                                                                          – 3 wins and 1 loss

Aleena Binti Ahmad Nawawi & Mohammad Idham Amin Bin Ramlan (Malaysia)    – 2 wins and 1 loss

Erin Bedwell (Scotland) & Angel Gomez (USA)                                                                  – 1 win & 2 losses

Shae Wilson & Jordy Jones (Norfolk Islands)                                                                      – 1 win & 2 losses

Rebecca Rixon (Malta) & John-Pierre Fouche (Namibia)                                                – 1 win & 2 losses

Rebecca Moorbey (England) & Jan Klossner (Switzerland) lead group B after their second win against the host country representatives of Sophie McGrouther & Bradley Buchan. In a strange game Sophie and Bradley looked in control of the first set only to drop the maximum count on the last end to hand the set to Rebecca and Jan. The second set was almost a mirror image with Rebecca and Jan almost home and dry with a 7 – 2 lead with one end to go. Sophie and Bradley rallied but could only collect a 5 on the last end to tie the set, leaving Rebecca and Jan, with a quarter final place in their own hands, although it is still possible for any of the teams in the group to gain a quarter final spot. The other group game ended in a narrow tie break victory for Catherine & Josh Bonsall (Guernsey) over Gloria Ha & Langley Au Yeung (Hong Kong).

Mixed Pairs Group B standings: –

Rebecca Moorbey (England) & Jan Klossner (Switzerland)                                             – 2 wins & 0 losses

Gloria Ha & Langley Au Yeung (Hong Kong)                                                                        – 1 win & 1 loss

Catherine Bonsall & Josh Bonsall (Guernsey)                                                                     – 1 win & 1 loss

Sophie McGrouther & Bradley Buchan (Scotland)                                                             – 1 win & 1 loss

Shauna O’Neill & Ryan McElroy (Ireland) lead the way in group C win 2 wins from 2. This morning they defeated Estee Parry (Wales) & Myles Ng (Macau) 11 – 6, 13 – 0. Jessie Cottell & Nathan Black (Australia) put yesterday’s defeat behind them to bounce back with a must win victory over Jordan Kos & Erik Galipeau (Canada) 15 – 0, 9 – 5. This leaves Jessie and Nathan in second in the group.

Mixed Pairs Group C standings: –

Shauna O’Neill & Ryan McElroy (Ireland)                                                                            – 2 wins 0 losses

Jessie Cottell & Nathan Black (Australia)                                                                             – 1 win & 1 loss

Jordan Kos & Erik Galipeau (Canada)                                                                                   – 1 win & 1 loss

Estee Parry (Wales) & Myles Ng (Macau)                                                                            – 0 wins & 2 losses

Lauren Gowen & Ryan Davies (Wales) are almost guaranteed a quarter final place from group D. Their 2 game wins and 4 sets wins together with a massive shot difference would have to see some amazing results from the remaining matches to push them out of top place in the group. This morning they defeated nearest rivals, Emma Murphy & Kholwani Khanyile (South Africa) 6 – 3, 7 – 5. The other game saw Aimee Harris (Wales) & Yuta Nagamoto (Japan) also complete a 2 sets to nil victory over Sarolta Schrank & mate Dobos (Hungary).

Mixed Pairs Group D standing:

Lauren Gowen & Ryan Davies (Wales)                                                                                 – 2 wins & 0 losses

Emma Murphy & Kholwani Khanyile (South Africa)                                                          – 1 win & 1 loss

Aimee Harris (Wales) & Yuta Nagamoto (Japan)                                                               – 1 win & 1 loss

Sarolta Schrank & Mate Dobos (Hungary)                                                                           – 0 wins & 2 losses

Group A of the Ladies competition sees Shauna O’Neill (Ireland) top the group with 3 wins from 3 matches. Shauna defeated Erin Bedwell (Scotland) 7 – 4, 8 – 3 and then completed a close 5 – 4, 5 – 5 victory over Aleena Binti Ahmad Nawawi (Malaysia). Jordan Kos (Canada) is second in the group and needs to avoid a 2 sets to nil defeat by more than 4 shots to qualify for the quarter final. A defeat by 5 shots or more will see her lose out to Lauren Gowen (Wales) after their match this evening ended in a tie break win for Lauren 6 – 8, 7 – 4, 1 – 0 Earlier in the day Lauren had defeated Aleena Binti Ahmad Nawawi 7 – 6, 9 – 4.

Ladies Group A standing:

Shauna O’Neill (Ireland)                                                                                                          – 3 Wins & 0 losses

Jordan Kos (Canada)                                                                                                                 –  2 wins & 1 loss

Lauren Gowen (Wales)                                                                                                             – 2 wins & 2 losses

Erin Bedwell (Scotland)                                                                                                            – 1 win & 2 losses

Aleena Binti Ahmad Nawawi (Malaysia)                                                                              – 0 wins & 3 losses

Group B has everything to play for, all 4 players are on 3 points so the winners of tomorrow’s matches will qualify for the quarter finals. This afternoon Aimee Harris (Scotland) finished off both sets strongly to defeat Emily Kernick (England) 8 – 4, 9 – 5, whilst Gloria Ha (Hong Kong) beat Shae Wilson (Norfolk Island) 9 – 7, 8 – 3.

Ladies Group B Standing:

Gloria Ha (Hong Kong)                                                                                                              – 1 win & 1 loss

Shae Wilson (Norfolk Island)                                                                                                  – 1 win & 1 loss

Aimee Harris (Scotland)                                                                                                           – 1 win & 1 loss

Emily Kernick (England)                                                                                                            – 1 win & 1 loss

Jessie Cottell (Australia) controls group C and has qualified for the quarter finals, another convincing victory over Sarolta Schrank (Hungary) in an unassailable position at the top of the group. Emma Murphy (South Africa) is currently second in the group, but probably needs to beat the Australian tomorrow by 2 sets to 0 to guarantee going through to the knockout stages. Waiting for any slip ups is Estee Parry (Wales) who would go through with a 2 sets to 0 victory herself if the other games result goes her way. This afternoon’s victory by Estee over Emma 6 – 6, 8 – 4 was important to keep her hopes alive.

Ladies Group C standing:

Jessie Cottell (Australia)                                                                                                           – 2 wins & 0 losses

Emma Murphy (South Africa)                                                                                                 – 1 win & 1 loss

Estee Parry (Wales)                                                                                                                   – 1 win & 1 loss

Sarolta Schrenk (Hungary)                                                                                                       – 0 wins & 2 losses

Catherine Bonsall (Guernsey) can enjoy a relaxing evening having qualified for the knockout stages from group D, currently sitting top of the group after her 5 – 3, 12 – 2 win over Rebecca Rixon (Malta). Rebecca Moorbey’s (England) hopes of reaching the knockout stages were ended by local Sophie McGrouther (Scotland) 7 – 5, 10 – 2. Sophie and Rebecca Rixon play tomorrow with the winner progressing to the next round of the event.

Ladies Group D standing:

Catherine Bonsall (Guernsey)                                                                                                 – 2 wins & 0 losses

Sophie McGrouther (Scotland)                                                                                               – 1 win & 1 loss

Rebecca Rixon (Malta)                                                                                                             – 1 win & 1 loss

Rebecca Moorbey (England)                                                                                                   – 0 wins & 2 losses

Following todays results the qualifiers from the Men’s groups is more clearer, already six of the quarter finalists have booked their places. Ryan Davies (Wales) leads the way in group A with four victories. In his two games today he overcame Yuta Nagamoto (Japan) 12 – 3, 6 – 3 and then followed that up with a victory over John-Pierre Fouche (Namibia) 1 – 9, 8 – 5, 1 – 0. The remaining 4 players in the group all have 1 win and 2 losses at present. In the evening game Yuta just managed a tie break win over Angel Gomez (USA) and it is still mathematically possible for him to reach the quarter finals although this would rely on an extraordinary result in the other match tomorrow. This afternoon Angel just reached the winning post with a tie break win over Kholwani Khanyile (South Africa). In view of his superior shot difference a win by John-Pierre matching the result of Kholwani’s game will she him reaching the quarter finals.

Mens Group A standing:

Ryan Davies (Wales)                                                                                                                 – 4 wins & 0 losses

John-Pierre Fouche (Namibia)                                                                                                – 1 win & 2 losses

Kholwani Khanyile (South Africa)                                                                                          – 1 win & 2 losses

Angel Gomez (USA)                                                                                                                   – 1 win & 2 losses

Yuta Nagamoto (Japan)                                                                                                            – 1 win & 2 losses

Harry Goodwin (England) & Myles Ng (Macau) to the group B table with 2 wins each. Their game tomorrow will decide the positioning in the group. Today Harry defeated Erik Galipeau (Canada) on the tie break and Myles completed a 2 sets to 0 win over Josh Bonsall (Guernsey).

Mens group B standing:

Harry Goodwin (England)                                                                                                        – 2 wins & 0 losses

Myles Ng (Macau)                                                                                                                     – 2 wins & 0 losses

Erik Galipeau (Canada)                                                                                                            – 0 wins & 2 losses

Josh Bonsall (Guernsey)                                                                                                           0 wins & 2 losses

Group C is in exactly the same position as group B, Muhammad Idham Amin Bin Ramlam (Malaysia) & Bradley Buchan (Scotland) will be playing tomorrow to decide the top spot as both players have two wins from two. Muhammad eased his way past Mate Dobos (Hungary) 2 sets to 0 whilst Bradley won by the same score against Jordy Jones (Norfolk Island).

Mens group C standing:

Muhammad Idham Amin Bin Ramlam (Malaysia)                                                             – 2 wins & 0 losses

Bradley Buchan (Scotland)                                                                                                      – 2 wins & 0 losses

Jordy Jones (Norfolk Island)                                                                                                   – 0 wins & 2 losses

Mate Dobos (Hungary)                                                                                                             – 0 wins & 2 losses

In the final mens group, Nathan Black leads the way with 2 wins, in his game today he overcame Ryan McElroy (Ireland) 7 – 2, 8 – 5, whilst in the other game Langley Au Yeung (Hong Kong) needed a tie break to beat Jan Klossner (Switzerland). Whilst Nathan looks a firm favourite to win the group the other quarter final place will be taken by the winner of the match between Ryan and Langley.

Mens group D standing:

Nathan Black (Australia)                                                                                                          – 2 wins & 0 losses

Ryan McElroy (Ireland)                                                                                                             – 1 win & 1 loss

Langley Au Yeung (Hong Kong)                                                                                              – 1 win & 1 loss

Jan Klossner (Switzerland)                                                                                                       – 0 wins & 2 losses.

Matches continue tomorrow morning with the conclusion of the Mixed Pairs group matches.

Live scoring is available through the IIBC website – 2023 U25 Live Scoring

All match scores can be found through the World Bowls Match Center – Results Portal

04-12-2023 WB/IIBC Junior Indoor Championships 2023


The tournament opened with a round of the Mixed Pairs event. The standout match was the game between Shauna O’Neill and Ryan McElroy (Ireland) against the Australian pairing of Jessie Cottell and Nathan Black. Jessie and Nathan took the opening set 8 – 3 and then scored a 3 on the first end of the second set. Shauna and Ryan fought back taking the next 4 ends to take a 7 – 3 lead only to drop a 1 and a 2 on the next two ends. With Shauna and Ryan lying two shots on the final end of the set Nathan played a running bowl hoping to move the jack, He looked on target until he just edged a front bowl leaving Ryan a free bowl to draw a second shot to win the set 9 – 6. Shauna and Ryan went on to win the match on the one end tie break.

The other match in the group saw Jordan Kos & Erik Galipeau (Canada) defeat Estee Parry (Wales) & Myles Ng (Macau) 12 – 1, 8 – 3 to lead the Group C table on 3 points.

Having played 2 matches in the day Emily Kernick and Harry Goodwin (England), who won this event in 2022, are the current leaders in the Group A table with 6 points from their 2 victories over Shae Wilson & Jordy Jones (Norfolk Island) 8 – 5, 7 – 5 followed by a 9 – 4, 9 – 8 victory over Erin Bedwell (Scotland) & Angel Gomez (USA). Aleena Binti Ahmad Nawawi & Muhammad Idham Amin Bin Ramlan (Malaysia) are also undefeated in the group after one match where the beat Rebecca Rixon (Malta) & John-Pierre Fouche (Namibia) 8 – 5, 9 – 3.

Group B, currently sees two teams with three points, Rebecca Moorbey (England) & Jan Klossner (Switzerland) lead the table followed by Gloria Ha & Langley Au Yeung (Hong Kong) after their victories over (Husband and Wife, Catherine & Josh Bonsall (Guernsey) and Sophie McGrouther & Bradley Buchan (Scotland) respectively on tie breaks.

In Group D, Lauren Gowen and Ryan Davies (Wales) had a convincing victory over (Sarolta Schrank and Mate Dobos (Hungary) two sets to nil, whilst Emma Murphy and Kholwani Khanyile (South Africa) also won 2 sets to nil over Aimee Harris (Scotland) & Yuta Nagamoto (Japan).

Every player has now played at least 1 match in their singles events, in the Ladies Singles three players have played two matches in Group A. Jordan Kos (Canada) leads the group with 2 wins over Aleena Binti Ahmad Nawawi (Malaysia) & Erin Bedwell (Scotland) by 2 sets to 1 and 2 sets to 0. Shauna O’Neill (Ireland) has 3 points from her only game against Lauren Gowen (Wales) winning 7 – 5, 5 – 3. Erin also has three points after a 2 sets to 1 victory over Lauren Gowen.

Group B has Shae Wilson (Norfolk Island) at the top following a 10 – 2, 11 – 3 victory over Aimee Harris (Scotland), whilst Emily Kernick (England) snatch a tie break victory over Glorai Ha (Hong Kong) 8 – 1, 5 – 6, 1 – 0.

Group C, Australian Jessie Cottell, hoping to follow team mate Brianna Smith in winning the Ladies title, tops the group on shot difference over South African, Emma Murphy after both players had two sets to nil victories over Estee Parry (Wales) and Sarolta Schrank (Hungary).

The matches in group D were tight affairs and both went to the tie break. Rebecca Rixon (Malta) overcame Rebecca Moorbey (England) 11 – 7, 5 – 7, 1 – 0 whilst Catherine Bonsall (Guernsey) came through a tighter match against Sophie McGrouther (Scotland) 2 – 5, 10 -8, 1 -0.

In the Mens Singles, Ryan Davies leads the way in group A having won his 2 matches today. In the first he defeated Kholwani Khanyile 10 -, 11 -3 whilst in his second match he overcame Angel Gomez (USA) 7 – 5, 9 – 4. John-Pierre Fouche (Namibia) is second in the group on shot difference after winning his first match 7 -4, 9 – 2 against Yuta Nagamoto (Japan), also on 3 points is Kholwani Khanyile who came through a tight match against John-Pierre Fouche 7 – 4, 5 – 4.

Harry Goodwin (England) made an impressive start to the defence of his title, in Group B, by winning his first match against Josh Bonsall (Guernsey) 7 – 3, 10 – 4. The other match in the group saw a very tight match between Myles Ng (Macau) and Erik Galipeau (Canada). Only 16 shots were scored in the two seven end sets with Myles winning the first 5 – 4. Erik fought back in the second set with a narrow 4 – 3 victory, only to lose a shot on the tie break allowing Myles to take the three points for the win.

Bradley Buchan (Scotland) leads the host nation challenge and tops group C after a 2 sets to nil victory over Mate Dobos (Hungary), also on 3 points in the group is Muhammad Idham Amin Bin Ramlan (Malaysia) who defeated Jordy Jones ( Norfolk Island) 8 – 2, 5 – 2.

Ryan McElroy (Ireland) narrowly leads Nathan Black (Australia), in group D, after both players were successful over Jan Klossner (Switzerland) 8 – 4, 13 – 1 and Langley Au Yeung (Hong Kong) respectively.

Group play continues on Tuesday with all matches being covered through live scoring on the IIBC website.

19-11-2023 WB/IIBC Junior Indoor Championships 2023

World Bowls and International Indoor Bowls Council are hosting the Junior Indoor Championships from 4th – 8th December 2023.

These World Junior Championships consist of men’s singles, ladies’ singles and mixed pairs.

Keep up to date with our live scoring over the course of the championships.

World Indoor Championships April 2022.

The International Indoor Bowls Council and World Bowls have confirmed the decision to progress the hosting of the World Indoor Bowls Championships at Bristol in April 2022 (subject to COVID restrictions subsequently causing the event to be postponed).

The Championships are being hosted by the City & County of Bristol IBC, England, U.K. and will be held between Monday 25th and Friday 29th April 2022. Correspondence has been sent to all National Member Authorities of the International Indoor Bowls Council and World Bowls, letters of “intent to enter” must be returned by 31st October 2021.

The World Championships will consist of men’s singles, ladies’ singles and mixed pairs.

Further information on the event can be obtained from your National Governing Body or from the IIBC Secretary/Treasurer David Phillips davidphillips.bowls

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